Vehicle Servicing 

  DWP Network Automotive offer Service maintenance programs to passenger car, 4WD & Light Commercial Vehicles and Heavy Vehicles.

New vehicles do not have to be serviced by the dealer to preserve your rights under new car warranties. Consequently, significant savings can be made by sending your new vehicle to DWP Network Automotive to conduct warranty based servicing.

        Regular servicing will ensure that you get the most out of your motor vehicle and will prolong the life of your motor.

        A large number of motor vehicles in Australia run inefficiently as a result of poor tuning. This may lead to long-term damage to your cars engine and may also result in poor fuel efficiency, which inevitably leads to increased running costs.

         It is recommended that the oil in all vehicles be changed every 5,000 Km's or every 3 months and that the oil filters are changed every 10,000 Km's or every 6 months. 

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